Seachange Shipyard

Construction of the world’s first fully electric hydro foiling RoPax is underway in our Auckland shipyard. The Foil 24 will operate completely emission-free from 2023 across the Cook Strait in New Zealand.

Seachange shipyard at sunrise



Class-Leading Seakeeping

  • With unparalleled seakeeping and comfort, the Foil 40 can operate at cruise in conditions up to 5 meters significant wave height

  • Predictive ride control with fully-submerged actuated foils ensures reliability and smooth sailing

Image of a wind turbine out at sea

Zero Emission

  • Fully electric energy storage and propulsion systems means no emissions, ever

  • Move passengers, vehicles, and cargo sustainably at scale

Image of some composite materials

Composite Construction

  • Carbon fibre composite hulls and foils, allowing for a precise hydrodynamic hull form and a high strength to weight ratio

  • Forget corrosion and fatigue - our hulls are cost efficient and easy to maintain, with a design life of over 30 years

Render of some ship propellers

Designed For Operators

  • Designed and built with ease of operation and maintenance prioritised

  • Engineered redundancy across propulsion, foil actuation, and all other systems to guarantee safety and reliability

Faster Than Ever Before

Striking out over the Cook Strait Computer render of the Seachange hydrofoiling ferry

The Foil 24 will be the first ferry to cross the Cook Strait in under two hours during commercial service. The ferry will be able to carry up to 30 passengers, and up to 6 cars.

" Ferries of this size that can operate in these conditions are unprecedented - it would change the way we think and what we can offer our customers.

Matthew Portelli

Managing Director of Virtu Holdings

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